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Patrick Sullivan And The RGV Vipers Advance In D-League Playoffs Over Jumbled Jam

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The Rio Grande Valley Vipers, affiliates of the Houston Rockets, defeated a dismantled Bakersfield Jam team on Wednesday night to advance to the second round of the D-League Playoffs.

The final score was 112-99, but this game probably would have been different if Trey Johnson and Derrick Caracter hadn't left the team yesterday to be called up and recalled, respectively, to the Los Angeles Lakers.

I was going to do a full in-depth recap of this game, but I'm fairly certain the highlights I've included below -- narrated by the "American Dragon" Alex Del Barrio -- along with a link to the box score and the below takeaways are worth more than the 750 words I would've written.

The aforementioned takeaways are as follows:

  • Congrats on a good season to Will Voigt and the rest of the Bakersfield Jam basketball staff.
  • Patrick Sullivan is the real deal.
  • Contrary to Jonah Goldberg's claims during the broadcast, Jerel McNeal is not a taller Aaron Brooks.
  • Matt Janning isn't a bad shooter, eh?
  • My preview was pretty spot on, in retrospect.