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NBA Lockout Is Going To Hurt Training Camp Rosters This Fall

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The NBA lockout is hurting plenty of people in its current state, most of them innocent, but its repercussions will be felt even when the two sides eventually come to an agreement. The training camp rosters -- whenever they are put together -- will be the first to feel the affects of this summer's labor impasse.

Training camp rosters are typically filled with the team's guaranteed contract and then six or seven other guys vying to be the fourteenth man on an NBA roster. By the time a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is put together, however, the pickings will be slim for end of the roster fodder.

At the conclusion of the 2011 NBA Draft, I put out a brief list of the players I thought were worthy of being drafted, but failed to hear their name called while the likes of Chukwudibiere Maduabum and Targuy Ngombo were chosen (I spelled both of those without looking so I apologize if I was wrong and expect props if I was right).

Among the players I listed were Michael DuniganMalcolm Thomas, Rick Jackson, Jamie Skeen, Jacob Pullen, Demetri McCamey, David Lighty Kalin Lucas and Ben Hansbrough. All of these players have now found new jobs for next season, but none will be playing in the NBA as they've all signed to player overseas in Europe and Asia.

It isn't just those players that have found the ability to make money overseas more attractive than hoping for an NBA roster spot amid the politics and such that come with the territory as Mark Porcaro has put together an excellent list of every player that played in the USA last season that's already officially signed in Europe.

Now, to be clear, it isn't often that undrafted free agents begin their professional careers on an NBA roster even when a lockout doesn't take away the opportunity of impressing in Summer League and the like. These players often end up in the D-League after finding themselves so close to playing in the best league in the world, but now that they're across the great blue yonder, the NBA Development League's pool will be lacking as well.

However, that doesn't limit the chance that NBA decision makers are missing out on a steal to add to their regular season roster this season just because their owners are arguing with the players after one of the most successful NBA seasons in some time.

What I'm trying to say, I guess, is let the lockout end before it ends up hurting anymore than it already has.