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Golden State Warriors Preseason Schedule Includes A Game In Dakota

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The Golden State Warriors released their 2011-12 NBA preseason schedule on Monday. If the NBA lockout doesn't prevent said schedule from being played, a press release announced that one of those games will happen against the Utah Jazz in the lovely city of Bismarck, North Dakota.

It might seem that the Warriors only scheduled that game in Bismarck so that they could showcase Jeremy Tyler right in my own backyard after I wasn't exactly high on the explosive athlete leading up to the NBA Draft, but it probably has more to do with Golden State buying the basketball operations of the Dakota Wizards earlier in the summer.

"We're excited about the opportunity to bring preseason NBA basketball back to Bismarck," Warriors' Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Larry Riley said in a press release. "The fans in the region have always supported basketball and this will provide them the opportunity to see an NBA game and become more familiar with their new parent club, the Warriors."

I will be looking forward to the Badlands' Battle of the Jeremys (Tyler and the Jazz's Jeremy Evans) right up until the NBA decides to keep the lockout going through the scheduled playdate of Oct. 25. A list of the Warriors' complete preseason schedule is posted here.