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Fort Wayne Mad Ants Bring Sebastian Pruiti Aboard

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Sebastian Pruiti is the type of dude everyone likes to see succeed. So naturally, when he emailed me on Tuesday to tell me the Fort Wayne Mad Ants made him a part of their basketball operations staff next season, I was excited.

The Mad Ants coaching staff also includes head coach Joey Meyer and excellent assistant Steve Gansey (brother of Mike). They'll be affiliated with the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks this season -- if this season ever happens.

Pruiti broke into the mainstream with his work over at ESPN TrueHoop's NBA Playbook, but he's also contributed to Basketball Prospectus, Draft Express, SB Nation and The New York Times -- among others -- while showing off his basketball acumen. Said acumen has now put Pruiti on the first step to what should eventually be the road to a full-time, paid gig coaching basketball.

Pruiti tweeted on Wednesday: "Going to be working with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants this year in a volunteer assistant/video coordinator type of role, really excited... Moving to Fort Wayne, Indiana in early October."

Anyway, score one for the good guys (and hopefully he stars in a commercial with the Mad Ant as soon as humanly/insectly possible). 

P.S. For some additional fun time trivia, the team's last volunteer assistant was none other than Vitaly Potapenko.