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Where Does Dwight Buycks Go From NBA Summer League?

OKC Thunder Summer League guard Dwight Buycks is playing well in Orlando, but would a minimum contract offer next season be enough to reel him into the NBA?

Nick Laham

Entering Wednesday, Oklahoma City Thunder Summer League guard Dwight Buycks is averaging 12 points, 7 assists, and 2.3 steals through three contests in Orlando.

Making an impression in such offseason competition is all about looking like a man amongst all the other boys. NBA teams should be looking out for that player who not only competes well, but dominates, too. Those are often the players that leave last impressions, because it peaks the curiosity of those who wonder how such success would translate at the NBA level during the regular season.

This isn't Buycks' first time around the block, either. A veteran of NBA training camps, Summer League teams, and even the D-League too (Buycks spent the 2011-12 season with the Tulsa 66ers), the 24 year old has certainly been around the tryout circuit quite a bit over the last two years.

Whereas in past years, it's been often considered a plus to draft a promising young gun who's ready to run right out of college, age is relatively becoming just a number these days for NBA players. A handful of players into their twenties and even thirties proved this past season that they could be thrust into NBA roles after spending a few years overseas.

After spending this past season in France, Buycks has returned to the states and is trying to plead his case through some stellar play. Though he can undoubtedly assert himself offensively, he's clearly been aiming to prove he can be just as much as a floor general, too. In Summer League, he's been looking to find his OKC teammates in the open the floor, and has been doing it well.

Buycks is always a threat to keep defenses guessing, due to his displayed ability to dish it off, or instead, hit the open jumper or charge full speed ahead to the basket.

The 6'3" guard from Marquette is playing well, but for whom is he doing it for? Of course, Buycks, like many other Summer League participants, hopes to catch on with an NBA team come next season. But will a minimum contract be enough following a season in France? Could his stellar play in front of a handful of NBA executives this week instead be parlayed into a more lucrative contract overseas? That remains to be seen.

All that said, a source told that after finishing this week with the Thunder in Orlando, Buycks will play for the Miami Heat in Las Vegas next.