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D-League Preseason: Part Duex

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As a precursor, I did not see these teams play, nor have I seen many of them practice, this is just what I can see from looking at the box scores so please hold off on the angry Emails.  Thanks!

COLORADO (120) @ Austin (104): Hopefully, for the rest of the league, Eddie Gill and Elton Brown don't return to the 14ers, as this team would be almost unbeatable.  Josh Davis, returning to the USA after a two-year tour overseas, put up 23 points, seven boards, and had three steals, all in just 25 minutes of action.  Have to love seeing him shoot 3-for-5 from deep as well.  James Mays, Colorado's rookie and their link to keep Denver's front office happy, also had a very good game, with 16 points and seven boards.  For Austin, they had another sub-par showing. Malik Hairston was a bright spot though, scoring 20 points and leading the Toros.  Tack Minor, a tryout player for the Toros, made a strong bid to make the team, scoring 15 points on 6-for-7 shooting. 

Los Angeles (85) @ ANAHEIM (91): The D-Fenders were led by Curtis Terry, a rookie out of UNLV, who came off the bench to score 13.  Jasper Johnson, who I had never heard of leading up to the draft, but was then taken thirteenth overall, scored 12 points in 18 minutes.  Also, my favorite D-League nickname, Rashid "Seven and Sum Change" Byrd, AKA Rashid Hardwick, came off the bench to contribute six points and four rebounds.  For Anaheim, Noel Felix scored 18 and had six boards before fouling out to lead the Anaheim Arsenal to a FIVE game win streak dating back to last season.  If they keep this up, Sam and Paul will be back in the NBA in no time (Though they could probably compete with their old team, the Bobcats, with their current team)!  I'm glad they took my constructive criticism and started both Cedric Bozeman and TJ Cummings.  Cummings responded with 15 points and seven boards before fouling out.  Mike "Big (pre-season) Game" Efevberha might have to hold back on the shot attempts, as he went just 3-for-12 tonight, though 11-for-12 from the line, to finish with 17 points and eight boards.  As an aside, Felix has two technical fouls in two games, both preseason.  Think he's trying to prove something or just has anger issues?

Dakota (99) @ SIOUX FALLS (103): Renaldo Major came back with a bang, albeit in a losing effort.  Major had 22 points and six boards to lead Dakota, though he fouled out in the closing seconds.  David Bell and Denham Brown both added 13 points, and Mo Baker added 12.  Bell is an intriguing guy.  After being cut last year by the Wizards in camp, he was picked up later in the season and seemingly looked good tonight, shooting 5-for-7 from the field along with grabbing three steals and not turning the ball over.  Quemont Greer struggled while returning to the Wizards after a one year hiatus, as he shot just 1-for-7 from the field and 3-for-6 from the line (Yuck!) in 15 fifteen minutes of action.  Two of his misses were within two seconds, around an offensive board.  For Sioux Falls, rookie first-round pick Gary Forbes led al scorers, connecting on nine of his 18 shots for 24 points.  Frank Williams, who was with Sioux Falls two seasons ago, returned to his old form, scoring 18 points on an efficient 6-for-9 shooting.  Chris Alexander, the big 7-footer, scored just seven points, but dominated on the offensive glass, grabbing eight offensive boards on his way to 15 total rebound.  Bobby Jones, he of 4,762,435 teams, struggled tonight, shooting just 2-for-9 from the field, scoring five points, turning the ball over four times, and picking up five fouls in just 24 minutes.  Might have to wait a bit before his first call-up if he keeps having issues like this.

Nothing reported yet on the Idaho v. Utah game.