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Blake Ahearn Assigned to Toros

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Blake has been assigned to Austin.  This obviously means he's really well liked down there in San Antonio, as he's averaged under 3 points per game and hasn't made a 2-point shot yet (0-for-1, 2-for-4 3's, 2-for-2 FT's).  With an assignment, he's more than likely going to be in Texas all season.

The Spurs will be paying Ahearn very well to play in the D-League, as he will make more in two weeks playing with the Toros (around $17,000) than he did all last last season with the Dakota Wizards (about $13,000).

Congrats Mr. Ahearn!

As a side note, Wow... Glad the Spurs have seen what so many others have not.