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Blake Ahearn Back In Bismarck

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  • Blake is back in Bismarck, and would have played tonight, but due to some weather issues, the D-Fenders @ Wizards game was postponed until Monday.  This is the 2nd time in two weeks that a game has been postponed due to weather in Bismarck, and in my recollection, also the first two times ever (though I could be wrong, I know there hasn't been anything like this recently).
  • Denham Brown was waived due to injury to make room for Ahearn, but I'm told he should be back before January ends.
  • Kasib Powell left his team in China, and will probably rejoin the Skyforce if it wasn't due to injury, so be on the lookout for him.
  • The Wizards have the top pick in the pool due to Ahearn being called up for 3 weeks, though they've passed on Jared Jordan, Keith McLeod, and CJ Giles already.  I wonder what exactly they're looking for.  With Ahearn back in the mix and Rod Benson waiting in the wings, who knows what they are looking for.  Names that could be in the pool and would be a good fit include Linton Johnson and Justin Williams (who is a former Wizards call-up).


I will be going to the Reno-Wizards game tomorrow night and will post my thoughts sometime Monday!