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Boom Tho Movement

Sorry it's been awhile since there've been any posts.  Been busy with real jobs!  Anyway, just wanted to update some player movement, as nine of the top 15 players in the D-League last year (According to end of the year All D-League teams) aren't in the D-League this year.

First Team -- Sean Banks is in Turkey averaging 11 points and five boards, Randy Livington is coaching on the Idaho bench, and MVP Kasib Powell is averaging 25 points and nine assists in China.

Second Team -- Andre Barrett is in Spain averaging just three points over fifteen games and Kaniel Dickens is averaging 15 points and 7 boards playing in Italy.

Third Team -- Jelani McCoy is sitting on the couch, Carlos Powell is averaging 29 points, seven boards, and four assists over in Korea, and Billy Thomas is averaging nine points over seven games in Greece.

The one guy I didn't mention up there was All-D-League 2nd teamer Rodrique Zsorryon Benson.  Averaging 1.7 points and 2.5 boards,along with 1.5 fouls in just under eights minutes per game for SLUC Nancy in Euroleague games, it was announced (first via his facebook status) that he is coming back to the states.

What does this mean for you, me, and the D-League?  Who knows.  I assume he'll be back to Dakota soon, where he will have some tough competition to regain his rebounding title.  Also, more blogging, including a crazy poem he wrote about his departure.

This season, there are nine guys averaging at least 10 rebounds a game, from Albuquerque's David Monds (WHO!?) averaging 13 a game to lovable Lance Allred averaging 10.2 boards a game.  Last year's main competition, Sioux Falls Chris Alexander, is struggling as much as Benson did in France.  The 7'1" monster is averaging eight points and nine boards, but also four fouls and shooting just 36% from the field.  Also, four of his boards he's averaging are offensive, the majority presumably off of his misses.

Also, I'd like to announce that Kevin Cutler deserves an award for best NBA D-League referee most resembling Ed Hochuli that regularly doesn't make the home team angry.  He is in a league of his own, deserving this award.

 P.S. I'm watching the Jam-Arsenal game on Futurecast and Sean Rooks reminded me of Benson.  Rooks just asked if computer assistance is on, because he can't believe all of the calls going against the Jam (at the time, the score is 93-68, early in the 4th quarter, in favor of the Jam).  Wow.  When Benson and I play Madden, he also needs to turn on computer assistance, especially this year.  Word on the street is Benson has yet to play Madden 09!