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Ridiculous Upside Official Mock Draft 2.1

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Okay, we've had some time... and some whiskey... and settled ourselves.

Joe Alexander has joined the party after a regrettable 2.0 absence.  Roy Hibbert is plummeting, we're giving the Magic a power forward no matter what, and the Bucks are finally, finally spared DJ Augustin.

Some reservations about 2.1:

  • First? Danilo. Yes, Knicks fans, we hear you.  Trust us, we feel much better about them taking one of the top small guards.  Thing is, the Sonics want scoring, and have Collison and Wilcox on for next year for a chunk of change. And with Bayless of the books, we just think the hyper-skilled Euro-forward is too sweet of a deal for DÁntoni to pass up.  We don't think it's what DÁntoni wants, it's just what we see him taking in this scenario.  It's the logical choice, but we're not comfortable with us.  We have about a 35% confidence in this pick.
  • There, Bucks fans, you get the freak of nature Anthony Randolph this round.  Happy?
  • Darrell Arthur to the Kings is another one that strikes fear into the heart of the Upside.  We think Arthur is a top prospect and a sleeper. Okay, Corn thinks that and has beaten me into submission with it.  Mikki Moore was a major signing for the Kings.  The thought is that with Miller and Mikki as the veteran starters and Hawes and Arthur as the athletic bench, it provides depth to go with Martin and (gulp) Artest.  Them passing up Russell Westbrook is nearly painful for us, but Arthur's just a slightly better prospect at this particular moment in time.
  • Even when the Blazers don't win (pick 13), they still win (Russell Westbrook).
  • It's going to take the Hand of God Himself or a trade for Michael Redd to get CDR out of the Cavs' pick in our minds.
  • If Marreese Speights could just go ahead and head back to Florida, it would make life a lot easier for us.
  • Say hello (for now) to Roy Hibbert and Nick Batum.  You may remember them from such films as "The Descent" and "The Biggest Loser."

The mock is after the jump.