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D-League Bloggers: RU Needs One. Who to Target?

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No, not someone that blogs about the D-League (unless they're really good...)

Looking around the blogosphere, I've decided that my new goal is to recruit a D-Leaguer to blog about his summer, his D-League experience and whatever else he has on his mind.


Because, for whatever reason, minor league basketball players are good at writing as well as playing basketball.  They seem to believe that this is because they have a lot of time to practice this, but so do NBA players, and I don't think I'd find enjoyment reading a book by Eddie House nearly as much as I'm enjoying reading the life and times of Lance Allred (on sale tomorrow!)

Of the players I've spoken with and writings I've read, they've all been thoughtful, intelligent, and telling a story worth listening (save for the brilliance that is Danny Artest.. he's a whole 'nother breed!)

Among those that I read as often as possible:

  • Rodrique Zsorryon Benson - he's ridiculous, but he'll make you chuckle.  Occasionally a little more free-speaking on his personal site, but hasn't updated over there in a minute.
  • Kasib Powell - He has NBA experience, he's a stud, and he's intelligent.  Former D-League MVP as well.
  • Richard Hendrix - Rich does his thing.  Doesn't blog often, but keeps things in perspective.
  • Coleman Collins - Just started blogging on TrueHoop.  Intelligent, obviously. (Bit disappointed he didn't correct Abbott when he said in the opening line: The NBA does a lot to promote the D-League.  Really, Mr. Abbott?
  • Lance Allred - His blog just launched last night, so it's not so much something I read often.  However, if our previous dealings give me any insight, his blog will be intelligent and make you think about everything - just an interesting guy.
  • Don't worry - D-Leaguer's are on Twitter as well.  Among those I follow: Lanny SmithWill FrisbyLance AllredBrent PetwayMarcus Campbell, and of course Boom Tho.

    Anyway, this brings me back around to my final point.  Who should I target?  Obviously Benson, Collins, and Allred are more than likely off-limits.  Anyone else you'd be interesting in hearing from throughout the Summer?  Let me know.  Kthxbai!