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Memphis Grizzlies Holding D-League Workouts; D-League Has A Summer League Team

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We've been short on any major announcements since the D-League season ended other than the Bakersfield situation.  Two decent sized announcements tonight, however.

The Memphis Grizzlies are apparently hosting a large D-League audition, and it seems to be focusing mainly on defense.  Confirmed players there are Othyus JeffersBrent Petway, Dwayne Mitchell, Darius Washington Jr., Walker Russell Jr., Jelani McCoy, Marcus Hubbard, Brian Hamilton, Rodney White and Leon Jones for workouts starting tomorrow.  Don't be surprised if three or four of these guys play for Memphis in Vegas this summer at Summer League.  UPDATE: More players at the workout - Will ConroyTrey Gilder, Eddie GillStanley BurrellLongar LongarTim Pickett, Michael Dickerson, Desmon Farmer and Mustafa Shakur.

Speaking of the D-League, they'll apparently have a Summer League team in Vegas, along with 21 NBA teams.  The D-League fielded a team at the Rocky Mountain Revue last season, but with that folding, I assumed that this idea would be swept under the rug as well.  It wasn't.  It should be interesting to see who makes this team, as it'll be everyone that doesn't make an actual NBA team's Summer League roster.  My first pick: Dakota's Will Frisby.

After the jump, small bullets on each player that we know that are at this workout.

  • The D-League Defensive Player of the Year, Idaho's Brent Petway, and the D-League's Rookie of the Year Othyus Jeffers, were two of the best defenders in the D-League last season.  They also were both in the D-League Dunk Contest this season. (We'll have more on both of these guys tomorrow, as I feel they're the top two players at this tryout)
  • Dwayne Mitchell is a high-scoring lefty who played with the LA D-Fenders last season after not making the Lakers in the preseason.  
  • Walker Russell Jr. led the league in assists with Fort Wayne, smashing the season assist record in the process.  
  • Marcus Hubbard was in camp last season with the Atlanta Hawks and was the first round pick of the Dakota Wizards this season before being released and picked up by Rio Grande Valley.  
  • Jelani McCoy is a big that played in China this season after not making the Clippers out of camp.  If you're American and you play in China, you're going to put up big numbers.  McCoy was no exception:  42.7 min 25.4 pt 67% 2P 57% FT 11.8 RB (8.3D - 3.5O) 1.6 blocks 2.3 assist. 1.5 steals
  • Brian Hamilton was in camp with New Jersey this season after a good campaign with the Utah Flash last season when he led the D-League in steals.  
  • Darius Washington is a point guard that had a short stint with San Antonio last season.  He was with the Bulls this preseason, and according to Jefe53, he played in Russia for a bit this season.
  • Rodney White has played in 218 NBA games, but none since 2005.  
  • Will Conroy is a stud.  Finished the season first in scoring and averaged eight assists.
  • Trey Gilder played his rookie season with the Colorado 14ers.  Really impressed us off the bench.
  • Eddie Gill has plenty of experience playing the point in the NBA.
  • Tim Pickett is an interesting guy to put on this list.  Has had some previous bouts with cannabis, apparently, but was a second round pick out of Florida State in 2004.
  • Michael Dickerson is the guy everyone is talking about at this workout.  After not making it in Cleveland last season though, I'm just not sure how ready he is to endure another NBA season.
  • Desmon Farmer is a former D-League stud.  He was last in the NBA with the Spurs (as he played for Austin in the D-League, meaning this was all but a lock)
  • Stanley Burrell played defense pretty well for the Toros this season, though we didn't expect any NBA looks
  • Longar Longar came into the D-League this season, but suffered with some injury problems.  He played with Minnesota in Vegas last season.
  • Mustafa Shakur has a sweet name and stroke.
  • Last, but not least, Leon Jones went to Michigan.  I have no idea what he's done since 2002.