Cat Fight In The D-League: Trouble is A-brewin' Folks!

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With the first game of the NBA D-League finals getting ready to tip off in a few hours, the drama and suspense could not be more palpable.  But just when you thought the explosive mixture of borderline NBA talentroaring, packed to the brim crowds, and high quality, streaming video were too much to handle, this whole mess just got kicked up a notch.  (By the way, if TNT knows Drama, then the NBA Futurecast knows drama... and buffering).

NBA D-League Finals.....Crazy Explosive!


Hit the jump to reveal the drama!

Just as the 2009 D-League Finals starts to heat up, in steps Brandt Andersen, the D-League's very own Mark Cuban, to add a touch of venom.  All season Brandt has been asserting himself as the opposite of this kid, basically a vocal leader/owner/angry dude.  Today, while taking a break from reading War & Peace, I stumbled upon Mr. Andersen's blog, or should I say the grammar how-not-to, and I found this charming little entry just after the one about suing people:

This (beating the 14ers) was particularly painful after their head coach told several people during the showcase that "the Flash cheaters" and "we will easily win again". That's right Bob-your comments were circulated.

So Bob if you are reading, try to control your emotions tonight-our fans are kids and families and they expect a certain level of professionalism.

And in an earlier post he said this:

Did anyone see the reaction of the head coach of the Colorado 14ers-Bob MicKinnon? I have rarely seen such a poor display of sportsmanship. After loosing the first game he claimed he was not coming back out onto the court. He was yelling and swearing at anyone he could find. Then after loosing the second game he refused to shake the hand of our coach. I hate loosing as much as anyone but that type of behavior is unacceptable... That was a classless display and I hope the league takes action against him for his behavior. For about a minute I considered saying something to him but there was nothing that was going to break my mood last night. Flash prevailed.

Just to clarify, it's MacKinnon.  I also like that he wouldn't confront him in person.


                          What an angry, angry little man.

So Brandt Andersen is calling out Bob MacKinnon!?!?  I can't wait for this meltdown.  What if the Flash, to put in Brandt-speak, loose?  What will happen then?  Uber-meltdown followed by a fist fight at mid-court?

Which of these two men would you rather fight?

Brandt_dleague_medium    B_mackinnon_200_080804_medium

Yeah, exactly, MacKinnon with the beatdown.

But don't fret D-League fans, I'm sure this will all pan out in the end.  Bob will take young Mr. Andersen out for a drink after the game after the macho posturing has ended (chocolate milk for Brandt of course).  Coach MacKinnon will sit Brandt on his knee and apologize for using ugly mommy/daddy words in front of the Flash fanbase.  Then Bob will begin to help Brandt hedge his words and examine his basketball IQ.  Whatever that means.


UPDATE: Check Andersen's blog comments for an epic struggle of Good Vs. Evil.

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