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D-League Roundup

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RS: Good Morning everyone!  We're going to lead off with D-League Bullets this morning!

Class:   Good Morning Miss Bliss! Ugh! D-League Bullets on a Tuesday?

RS: Yes.  Don't worry.  They're more exciting than this.  Plus, don't you want to know what's going on around the D-League?

Class: Well, yes.  That's why all 13 of us check-in every morning.

RS: Bazinga!

  • First, the big news: Multiple sources have hinted Idaho assistant and NBA-vet Randy Livingston will be the first head coach of the Maine Red Claws.  I've been pulling for Coach Liv for awhile, so this wouldn't come as a huge surprise.
  • The Memphis Grizzlies tryout also featured Kurt Looby and Greg Stiemsma (I hate that last name) - Finally the complete list is finished.  From what I can gather, Walker Russell was the most impressive in the morning session.  Eddie Gill played very physical - interesting.  Michael Dickerson struggled against "longer defenders" - good work Air Georgia and Othyus Jeffers.  Jeffers also "showed a good nose for the ball, an ability to finish in traffic and a decent outside shot."  There's also a video, but it's nearly impossible to tell what's going on.  More on this as I get it.
  • We have a little more information on the Indiana Pacers tryout that happened today.  I don't have everyone that was there (I didn't know there would be many there), but along with Blake Ahearn, Demetris Nichols and Trey Johnson also worked out.  Indiana's looking for a shooter, apparently.
  • I found this as well.  Kind of crazy - she reminds me of my first crush.
  • Liberty Ballers is apparently interested in Ahearn to the 'Sixers.  Not enough for my buddy jsams to make it an actual post (he just fanshotted it...), but they seem to like him.
  • The Fifth Corner is doing work looking at mock drafts.  Apparently Ty Lawson is looking like a top 10 pick nearly unanimously.  To compare my mock with the rest around the blogosphere, at least in terms of UNCer's, check their post from Sunday.
  • Here are the NBA Draft workouts planned so far, courtesy of HoopsHype.  It's not complete (I hear Sam Young may have been injured in Toronto yesterday), but it'll give us a look at who is interested in what.  Also, the majority of the agents listed have a few D-League guys, so this may be a decent list to look at for potential D-Leaguer's next season.
  • Ira Winderman is reporting  that the Miami Heat will not go to Vegas or Orlando for Summer League.  I believe Charlotte has decided on the same.
  • little update for all you Jayhawks fans: Keith Langford will play for the Lakers this summer in Vegas and Russell Robinson will play for Orlando at their Summer League, along with working out with Cleveland in June.
  • Continuing with the Summer League news, Richard Hendrix is reportedly playing for Orlando in Orlando and Denver in Vegas.  Wouldn't be a terrible fit in either spot.
  • As far as Orlando goes, New Jersey and Utah will also play there.
  • I have currently entered a $250 bet with my brother to see who can lose the most weight by July 8th.  Wish me luck.