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Why Do I Love The D-League? It's Pet Friendly!

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I'll tell you why I love the D-League.  It's just so darned accessible!  

Over at Bright Side of the Sun, Phoenix Stan is giving away All-Access passes to Amare Stoudemire's All-Star Weekend party.  That is impressive.  The NBA offers so much access!  However, would Amare let you bring your dog to this?  Fat chance.  Long live the D-League!  And bringing your dogs to D-League games!


Favorite part?  Female dogs cannot be in heat!

Another random highlight out there includes these pictures of progress of Bakersfield Jam coach Scott Roth's weight loss.  He's going through a bariatric solutions program at a local hospital and looking pretty svelte because of it!

Other loveliness from around the D-League: Fort Wayne is getting into the whole accesibility as much as I am right now.  

It started with the Jeff Potter Blog (If this is still going, I'm not sure... I assume he's too busy and just having an intern write for him, a la Gilbert Arenas, as his recent blog post was a bit underwhelming! Cancel that, he mentioned me in the comments!).  Now we have Garrett Martz, account exec extraordinaire, his own blog, and then I noticed the other day that Fort Wayne has a local TV deal!  Today, when looking aimlessly at all of the D-League websites, I came across a Life in the Mad Ants Office podcast!  Wow.  Best part about it was probably Garrett saying Dewitt Scott got "screwed" out of the D-League Dream Factory night.  Yikes!