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Like an iPod Shuffle: Random

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  • Kasib Powell, who last played in the NBA with the Miami Heat and the D-League with Sioux Falls and in China overseas, has agreed to start contributing to Ridiculous Upside.  Not sure when his first post will be, but he has a wealth of experience in the D-League, overseas, and has played in the NBA during the regular season and with numerous Summer League teams.  I'm excited - to learn more about Kasib, check out an interview Ridiculous(ly awesome) Matt Moore did last season.
  • Coleman Collins has also agreed to answer our questions - "I will answer any question about anything from anybody at length (couple paragraphs)" - Big time, I know.  Leave your questions in the comments, or email them  to me, and we'll be able to get inside the mind of Coleman Collins, who played for the Mad Ants last season.
  • I'm also working on an interview with Lance Allred as soon as I get over the fact that his book is amazing and we're facebook friends.  Check out his blog if you haven't picked the book up yet - he's putting some of the stories that didn't make the book on the blog.  He's doing the whole book tour thing, and if you mention Ridiculous Upside when he's signing your book, he will arm wrestle you, probably, because I assume that to be his thing. He also gave a shout out to yours truly.  Eat your heart out!
  • Speaking of my lovely cohorts,, they updated the D-League Headlines.  Number one bullet, courtesy of RU: "Meyer to coach Fort Wayne?"  However, other links are a USBasket rip of a Lou Babiarz story (word for word) and the link to the Top 10 Minor League coaches.  Excuse me while I throw up after seeing that still mentioned. (They also have a headline about coach Nick Nurse going back to college through the D-League - why no love for RU's favorite assistant, Randy Livingston?  No offense, Deane)
  • Speaking of throwing up, I've lost 13 pounds since I decided to start losing weight.
  • David Kahn's D-League history did worry the Timberwolves - so they called up the D-League owners.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to call up former employees that knew the whole story, rather than owners, who obviously wouldn't?  Jus' sayin'.
  • I imagine that, at this very moment, Deane Martin is sitting in Las Vegas, planning practices for the Denver Nuggets, even though they have no idea about it.  Or at least that's what it seems he should be doing, according to Eric Musselman, courtesy of Ghostface Ziller.
  • That's all I've got for you this morning.  Enjoy your wonderful Thursday - I've got lawns to mow, jogs to take, naps and all sorts of crazy things planned - but no drugs.  As my good friends used to say, "There's no hope with dope."  Screw you, Johnny Dakota.