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NBA Pre Draft Measurements: The Long and Short of it

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Good news! Draft Express published their pre draft measurements that were taken this week in Chicago. I'm not much for physical attributes, as rarely does how tall someone is matter (Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol, Gheorge Muresan, Chuck Nevitt, Slavko Vranes and Priest Lauderdale among the tall). Had they measured the vertical, bench press and things like that, there'd be more to read into, I think. Sure, DeJuan Blair is short and fat, but we knew that already, didn't we?

Continue on for my brief analysis!


  • Hasheem Thabeet was the tallest player, coming in at just over 7'1" without shoes and a standing reach of 9'5".
  • Austin Daye is a genetic freak. Over 6'9" without shoes, 9'2" standing reach, and weighing in at 192 pounds.
  • Taj Gibson came in at 6'8.5" without shoes and a 7'4" wingspan - Boom.
  • DeJuan Blair came in at 6'5.25" without shoes, a standing reach of 8'10.5" and weighing in at a whopping 277 pounds, the heaviest player at the 'camp'.

Wings/Combo Forwards

  • Earl Clark was the tallest, coming in at 6'8.5".
  • Tyler Smith came in a the shortest at 6'5.25"


  • Ty Lawson came in at 5'11.25" without shoes and a wingspan about an inch and a half longer. As we thought, he's short, and apparently has dinosaur arms.
  • Greivis Vasquez was the tallest point guard at the camp, coming in at just under 6'5". He probably won't be an NBA point guard, but if he is, he'll be one of the taller ones.
  • Eric Maynor was the skinniest player there, weighing in at 164 pounds on his 6'2.25" frame.
  • Jeff Teague had the longest wingspan, at 6'7.5". Bilas will certainly love that length!