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NBA Draft 2010: Tribulations, Trades And Hopefully No Tirades

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Tonight is the 2010 NBA Draft, the day we've all been looking forward to since the Rio Grande Valley Vipers won the D-League championship (or sometime between then and now, I guess).

Anyway, I've decided to make this an open thread in hopes that people stick around at RU to talk about the draft as it happens.  If no one joins me, however, I'll sneak over to Hardwood Paroxysm to enjoy the festivities.

Until then, though, I'll throw all of the juicy Twitter tidbits in here so we don't end up with 25 fan shots!

Before we get started, feel free to read TAFKAMB's thoughts on Media Day!

[Note by Scott Schroeder, 06/24/10 4:39 PM CDT ]

Starting us off is Adrian Wojnarowski with a report of trade discussions between the Indiana Pacers and New Jersey Nets:

Pacers and Nets discussing trade to send package including Danny Granger and 10th pick for Devin Harris, Yi and No. 3 pick, sources tell Y!

The Pacers would trade up to third spot to draft Derrick Favors. No deal imminent, and source says Nets interest is "lukewarm" on it.

[Note by Scott Schroeder, 06/24/10 4:53 PM CDT ] From Woj

Denver's trying to acquire a second-round pick and the draft target is UTEP's Derrick Caracter, sources say. Nuggets wants a young big man.

[Note by Scott Schroeder, 06/24/10 4:54 PM CDT ] From Chad Ford

With it looking pretty clear who the top 8 picks in the NBA Draft will be, all eyes are now focused on the Utah Jazz with the ninth pick in the draft.

The Jazz were hoping that Georgetown's Greg Monroe fell to them at No. 9. But with the Pistons poised to take him two picks ahead, the team is struggling to find the right fit. Among the candidates are two bigs -- Ed Davis and Patrick Patterson -- and three wings -- Gordon Hayward, Luke Babbitt and Xavier Henry.

What the Jazz do could have a powerful effect on the rest of the draft. Several teams are jockeying for the 10th pick in the draft, but are unsure of it's value until they know who's left on the board.