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NBA Draft Combine 2011: Measurements Released & Jeremy Tyler Is Long

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Jeremy Tyler this past season with the Tokyo Apache.
Jeremy Tyler this past season with the Tokyo Apache.

The 2011 NBA Draft Combine measurements have been released by Draft Express following the completion of the annual event at Attack Athletics on Friday morning and, regardless of what everyone thinks of the event itself, the results of these tests will be extensively pored over up until the NBA Draft next month.

The one guy that probably helped himself the most was Jeremy Tyler, a player talked about here on Ridiculous Upside for awhile now due to the route he took to get to this point in his career.

Tyler measured at 6-foot-10½ (with shoes, which is how he plays basketball) and showed his length with a Combine-best 7-foot-5 wingspan and a 9-foot-2½ standing reach, second only to USC Trojans center Nikola Vucevic (9-foot-4½). His 13.4 percent body fat probably wasn't an ideal as he weighed in at 262 pounds, but that shouldn't hurt him considering he was able to show his elite athleticism in the limited drills.

In the vertical measurements, Tennessee Volunteers swingman Scotty Hopson lived up to his name by registering a 33.5" no-step vertical to tie with San Diego State forward Malcolm Thomas. Little Isaiah Thomas, the Washington Huskies point guard who came in measuring under 5-foot-11 with shoes on, showed off a great running vertical of 38.5 inches, tying with the aforementioned Thomas to lead in that category. Thomas also led the Combine with a 12-foot vertical reach (he can reach 12 feet into the air when he jumps, for those confused).

Ohio State's Jon Diebler measured the worst standing vertical at 26.5 inches after being invited as an injury-replacement earlier in the week. Considering that his athleticism isn't what makes or breaks his potential NBA career, though, that probably won't hurt him too much.

In the I'm not sure this really matters, but why not category, Fresno State's Greg Smith had the longest hand at 11.25 inches and widest hand at 12 inches. For comparison's sake, Diebler has an eight-inch long hand.

Among the consensus top picks, Duke's Kyrie Irving came in at 6-foot-3½ in shoes with a 6-foot-4 wingspan, Arizona's Derrick Williams was 6-foot-8¾ in shoes with a 7-foot-1¼ wingspan and Kentucky's (?) Enes Kanter was measured at 6-foot-11¼ in shoes with a 7-foot-1½ wingspan and 9-foot-1½ standing reach.

Anything else surprise the readers?