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2011 NBA Draft: Marcus Morris Is An Awesome Quote Machine

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Earlier in the 2011 NBA Draft process, it was Markieff Morris making headlines when the Kansas Jayhawks forward proclaimed that fellow prospect Derrick Williams is not "as good as advertised." More recently, it was his twin brother, Marcus Morris, who decided to make some rather interesting remarks.

In an interview with WSSP in Milwaukee, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews, Morris compared his game to Carmelo Anthony and later said the Morris brothers were better than fellow twins Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez while mixing in a bit of analysis on the Ohio State football scandal.

True story.

"I think the Al Harrington comparison is a little accurate, but I think maybe Carmelo I would say because I'm a mid-range king. I love the mid-range game," Morris said on The Big Show. "I think that's what I can really hang my hat on being a mid-range player and on the defensive side I think that being versatile and guarding many positions. I think it can definitely work for me and just being so athletic and being versatile on the defensive side because I can guard any position."

Following a couple of questions regarding if college athletes should be paid and if Kansas coach Bill Self would know if anything fishy was going on in Lawrence, Morris then dropped the bomb when asked if the Morris brothers would be better than the Lopez brothers.

"Is that a trick question? Not to take anything away from those guys, I think they are great players, I just think me and Markieff have been through a little bit more. I mean I think we have different aspects of our game that are just a little bit more than those guys," Morris said. "They are both just strictly centers, so there's not too much they could do as far as stretching the defense and creating open shots off the dribble and things like that. I think me and Markieff both can really do that real well, so at the end of the day I think me and Markieff are probably going to better."

Currently Marcus is projected as the ninth pick while Markieff is projected as the 16th pick in Draft Express's NBA mock draft. The Lopez brother's were picked 10th and 15th in the 2008 NBA Draft.