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Curtis Stinson, Reigning NBA D-League MVP, Takes Talents To Slovenia With Danny Green

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Curtis Stinson has been one of the most most statistically impressive players in the NBA D-League the past few seasons. Unfortunately for fans of the Development League, however, the point guard doesn't look like he'll be suiting up again for the Iowa Energy next season.

Stinson has signed with KRKA Novo Mesto in Slovenia, according to a release on the team's website, and will team up alongside 2010 NBA Draft pick Jerome Jordan this season. It's probably fitting that the club's current roster has listed the former D-League MVP's position as "defender."

Stinson isn't the only NBA-skilled player that decided to take his talents to Slovenia this week, though, as former D-League call-up Danny Green also signed to play next season in the European country.  Green will play with the better-known Union Olimpija, however, while competing in the Euroleague.

Green probably had a shot at making the San Antonio Spurs again next season after ending this past year on their active roster and it was probably time that Stinson got another look-see from an NBA team, but there's no sense in blaming either player for taking the sure thing in Slovenia.

To slightly alter the old adage "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, "A solid European contract in the hand is worth two potential looks whenever the NBA lockout is over."