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Blake Ahearn Is An NBA Level Scorer And Proving It In The D-League

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It wasn't long ago that I led off a post over at Pro Basketball Talk with the old D-League adage that "nobody's goal should be to break all-time records while playing in the NBA Development League" because it essentially means that the player has probably spent too much time playing in the minor league when more lucrative overseas options were likely available.

It'd be quite negligent of this here blog, however, if we didn't point out the fact that Blake Ahearn became the D-League's all-time leading scorer over the weekend. The 6-foot-3 guard has amassed 3,457 points in 171 D-League games, surpassing the 3,398 points Desmon Farmer scored during his four seasons in the D-League.

Hopefully Ahearn doesn't have to add too many points on to that total as he's having a pretty outstanding season for Paul Mokeski's Reno Bighorns.

The Missouri State product is averaging 24.2 points and six assists while shooting 97 percent from the free-throw line and 39 percent from three-point land -- both impressive numbers considering he's attempted 161 from the charity stripe and 162 from from beyond the arc.

As I've argued elsewhere, it shouldn't be long before an NBA team gives Ahearn an opportunity as a shooter at the end of their bench. There aren't many players that have as pure of stroke and, if nothing else, wouldn't it be fun to see if he was able to extend his made free-throws streak into an NBA record as well?