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Jeremy Lin Credits Vegas Summer League For NBA Opportunity

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Jeremy Lin has become a household name during the past month, but nothing has been handed to the current New York Knicks point guard and former Harvard Crimson star during his brief career professional basketball career. In fact, if it wasn't for the opportunity Dallas Mavericks general manager gave Lin at the 2010 Vegas Summer League, the Taiwanese-American isn't sure what might have happened to his NBA career.

Lin and his Knickerbockers visited the Mavericks on Tuesday night and, considering the circus that's surrounded him since he first broke out, it shouldn't be surprising that there were quite a few questions asked of him during Tuesday morning's media availability.

It won't surprise any Summer League supporters, however, that Lin credited his time with the Mavs in Vegas during the summer of 2010 for his current NBA opportunities. Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News has more below.

See, there was no summer league this season because of the NBA lockout. As the New York Knicks point guard questioned Tuesday, who knows what would've happened with his basketball career if it weren't for Nelson's invite two years ago.

"I couldn't even begin to guess," Lin said. "But all I know is that he gave me a chance, and that definitely has something to do with me being able to even be in the NBA this year."

Considering Vegas Summer League should be back and better than ever this July, it'll be fun to see if anyone in attendance can identify the next Jeremy Lin.

It's even more fun that the last Summer League is a big reason Lin believes he's currently in the NBA.