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Training Camp Invites - Miami Heat

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<a href="">Shavlik Randolph</a> is among those trying to make the Miami roster.
Shavlik Randolph is among those trying to make the Miami roster.

I thought I'd continue the series that JDS started by taking a team-by-team look at players who have been invited to training camp (since camp has started now, all of the invites are official).  These are guys who normally would show up in Ridiculous Transactions - D-Leaguers, players who have spent time in Europe and other random NBA journeymen, all of whom are trying to either make the team they're with or impress any other team that might be paying attention.  I thought I'd keep it in the Southeast Division and look at the Miami Heat.

Alade Aminu - Aminu played for Washington's Summer League team, though saying he "played" is a bit generous since he never saw more than 12 minutes on the court.  He's fairly athletic and handles the ball pretty well for his size (he's 6'10", 225).  He's also really, really raw.  Bullets Forever's Mike Prada observed that Aminu defended Blake Griffin pretty well and showed a decent touch, but that he's "nowhere close to an NBA player."  I'd be surprised if he makes the roster, but I'd like to see him spend a year or two in the D-League to hone his skills.

Shavlik Randolph - Randolph's per-minute numbers have been increasing more or less steadily the last few years, and are pretty good in the points and rebounds departments, but they've come in so few games (13 in '06-'07, nine in '07-'08, and ten last year) that I have a hard time believing them.  He's a solid if unspectacular option for a third center, which essentially is what he's working for in Miami.

Andre Brown - I briefly wrote about Brown the other day.  He's yet another PF/C-type who has bounced between minor league basketball, the NBA and Europe.  He's a decent rebounder who usually shoots around .500 or better, though his free-throw shooting isn't great.  I'd say Brown also is a longshot, but he's produced when given the chance to.

Anthony Tolliver - Tolliver saw a fair amount of playing time with the Hornets' Summer League team this year, but he didn't put up good numbers until the last few games, including the second-to-last one in which he made every single field goal and free throw.  He wasn't always efficient, though, and he also fouled a little too much.  DolPhanDave over at the Heat blog Peninsula is Mightier believes the team will be emphasizing defense this training camp, and Tolliver shouldn't have any problems there unless he's asked to keep up with perimeter players.  Of all the big men the Heat brought in, I'd say Tolliver has the best chance to sneak onto the roster behind or in lieu of Joel Anthony, but this team apparently believes Chris Quinn is a decent backup point guard.

John Lucas - Speaking of whom, Lucas is here to give Quinn a push, and I sincerely hope he pushes Quinn off the team.  Not because I like seeing people lose their jobs, but because Lucas can absolutely run an offense, and he has some experience playing off the ball as well.  The Miami backcourt is what you'd call "undersized," though, and Lucas wouldn't do anything to change that.  He's an excellent shooter from behind the arc and from the free-throw line, and he neither turns the ball over nor fouls very often.  Lucas is probably the best player the Heat brought to their training camp.