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Training Camp Invites - Orlando Magic

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Yes, three posts in one day, can you believe it?  Each of these teams only invited a few players so I thought I'd knock out the Southeast Division.  Last up, the Orlando Magic.

Linton Johnson - Have I mentioned that Linton Johnson went to Tulane?  He did.  He's also basically clung to the NBA for dear life for the past six years, playing for seven different teams including the Bulls twice.  Most recently Chicago had him bulk up to try and guard power forwards, which wasn't a part of his game up until that point.  He's a decent rebounder for a small forward, and though it took a dive last season it came in so few games that I'm willing to give it a pass.  He's also not a great shooter.  He's been able to stick around with his defense and his hustle, but Orlando has so many forwards that he's really trying to impress other teams.

Morris Almond - Almond was one of the D-League's premier scorers, and he's already said he's not going back.  Which leaves him...well, probably in the same position Johnson is, trying to get other teams to notice him.  J.J. Redick is a little banged up, and coach Stan Van Gundy wasn't exactly playing him a whole lot past the first round of last year's playoffs, but his defense did improve last year and he's owed guaranteed money, plus while Almond showed off his three-point shot in the D-League, his NBA numbers haven't quite been up to the Magic's standards.  There should be a place in the NBA for a guy who averaged 27 points on a .576 eFG percentage, the question is where (and the answer is "not Orlando").