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Training Camp Invites - Washington Wizards

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<a href="">Vincent Grier</a> is one of two players invited to the Wizards' training camp.
Vincent Grier is one of two players invited to the Wizards' training camp.

It's another team that only invited two players, the Wizards.  I already covered these guys in a past Ridiculous Transactions, but I wanted to give them a bit more shine here, because I can tell you right now that neither of these players will make the team.

Vincent Grier - Grier is likely here because he, like new Wizards coach Flip Saunders, is a University of Minnesota alumnus.  He spent 2006-2007 with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, where he made 40 percent of his threes and averaged five and a half rebounds and three and a half assists per 36 minutes, both of which are decent numbers for a swingman.  Since then he's been playing in Europe, and he's an athletic scorer who gets into the lane well.  He was a bit streaky in college, though, with a reputation for sometimes-questionable decision-making, and he doesn't have the best footwork on defense.  I think he can play in the NBA, it just won't be with Washington.

Paul Davis - At this point Davis is probably becoming better-known for being on the TV show "Millionaire Matchmaker" than for anything he's done in the NBA.  He spent the last three seasons with the Clippers, where his per-minute shooting and rebounding numbers were below what you'd like to see from a center.  His offensive skills mainly consist of dunks and tip-ins.  He's also had some foul problems.  I'm not really sure what his next move will be, since as I mentioned he's not going to be with Washington at the start of the regular season.  He might get one or two brief NBA looks based on name recognition and his high school and college resume (he was Michigan's "Mr. Basketball" in 2002), but there are multiple D-Leaguers with better games.