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Training Camp Invites - Charlotte Bobcats

To more broadly answer a question that was asked in the comments yesterday, no, the vast majority of these players have no chance to make whatever team they're in training camp with.  But I think these brief summaries of their abilities and chances are valuable for a few reasons: in a few cases there are some teams with holes to fill and the right players in camp to fill them; they'll help fans of NBA teams better know the guys who are playing hard for their team, even if it's just for a few weeks; it's the D-League's offseason, what do you want from me?

So with that, let's cover a team that only signed a few players, the Charlotte Bobcats.

Stephen Graham - Otherwise known as "the lesser Graham," though that may not be entirely fair (and I don't even know if he's known that way).  Unlike his brother, Stephen spent some time in the D-League a few seasons ago, though he seems to have broken through since then, at least a little bit.  He's okay at several things but not really great at any one thing.  He handles the ball and rebounds decently for a swingman, and while he's not a lockdown defender he has the skills to be a solid one.

Antonio Anderson - Anderson had a pretty good year for Memphis (the University of) last season as a senior, although his three-point shooting still needs work.  He also doesn't handle the ball particularly well, though somewhat paradoxically he's greatly improved his ball distribution and play-making.  He's probably a tough sell for the NBA, though he hustles, which Charlotte coach Larry Brown is a particular fan of.