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Vegas Summer League Recap: Day 7

We had two Summer League records fall yesterday.  Anthony Morrow is now the SL single-game scoring record holder with, and Joey Dorsey the SL single-game rebounding record holder with 20.  On the whole, though, a lot of guys played pretty terribly.  I don't know if players are spending time seeing Vegas, if they're tired by day seven or whether it was just an off day.  The first game was at 1 PM local time, which seems early for Las Vegas, but the rest of them were at the normal times so who knows.  In honor of yesterday's "action" I'm going to leave this terrible intro and just go to the recaps.


Golden State Warriors 104, New Orleans Hornets 84

The story here for everyone is that Anthony Morrow set a new Summer League scoring record with 47 points.  It actually came out of efficient shooting as well, as Morrowneeded only 26 shots to get that point total and shot 7-9 on threes.  Morrow may have felt he needed to take a larger scoring role with Anthony Randolph and Cartier Marting getting DNPs (also Jared Jordan, who I had forgotten was on Golden State's roster).  He also had seven rebounds, which I was somewhat surprised to see as I figured he wouldn't have done much other than shoot.  Acie Law had a decent game running the point for the Warriors with nine points on 4-7 shooting and five assists in a little under 21 minutes.  Neither Joe Ingles nor Connor Atchley shot the ball well (Ingles didn't make a single field goal), but they each had seven rebounds in 18 minutes for Ingles and 21 for Atchley.  Almost no one played well for New Orleans.  Well, that's not strictly true.  Earl Calloway had 17 points on 7-10 shooting, seven rebounds and a pair of steals.  Other than Anthony Tolliver's six rebounds and 3-5 shooting from Larry Owens, though, the rest of the Hornets weren't very impressive.  Guess what?  That's a recurring theme, as you'll see after the jump.

San Antonio Spurs 85, Oklahoma City Thunder 76

DeJuan Blair focused on his scoring more than rebounding this game, and he did fairly well with 20 points on 11 shots (with five rebounds), though I would imagine that in the future he'll ask to stay in his rebounding lane a little more.  Ian Mahinmi did a great job of getting to the free throw line and shot 7-8 there, allowing him to score 13 points on four shots.  Malik Hairston finally showed his rebounding ability with six, and he shot 7-13 as well, but he also had four turnovers.  George Hill is still a little rough around the edges, getting 20 points on 11 shots, nine assists, five rebounds and three steals but also six turnovers.  DJ White had a decent game doing what DJ White does, with 17 points on 7-12 shooting and five rebounds in 18 and a half minutes, though he also had six fouls and three turnovers.




Houston Rockets 92, Los Angeles Lakers

In a world where we're pretending that these games matter, I really have no idea how the Rockets won.  Sure, Joey Dorsey got the Summer League rebounding record, and he also shot 5-7 and had (a game-high) five assists, three steals and two blocks, but other than Aisander's favorite Rocket Chase Budinger the team shot really, really poorly.  And while Budinger was solid scoring-wise, with 25 points on 7-9 shooting, including 3-3 shooting from behind the arc and 8-8 from the line, other than a pair of steals he really did nothing else.  Will Conroy shot the ball well too, 3-4, but he missed four of his six free throws and had only one assist.  Adam Morrison was the story of the first few games, but he's been tailing off the last few and he didn't even play yesterday (injury?).  14 points on 14 shots is generally considered inefficient, but I'll defend David Monds a little here in that he shot 50 percent and had six rebounds and no turnovers in 18 minutes.  The problem was that he didn't get to the free throw line at all.  Ben McCauley had 10 rebounds but was terrible from the field.  Chinemelu Elonu had a decent game, 16 points on 10 shots and eight rebounds, but he also had eight fouls in 25 and a half minutes.


Cleveland Cavaliers 75, Dallas Mavericks 62

Another game where a lot of guys were terrible.  Jawad Williams had one of the best performances, both of all the players in the game yesterday and for him personally throughout Summer League - he scored 18 points on 10 shots and had nine assists with only one turnover, though he shot only 6-11 from the free-throw line.  Tarence Kinsey also played well, getting to the line a fair amount and shooting 16-18 there, ending up with 20 points on five shots, and he had four rebounds and three steals, but also six fouls and four turnovers.  Darnell Jackson played okay, nine points on six shots and six rebounds, and Andre Brown shot 5-7 with four rebounds and three steals, though he also had seven fouls.


Toronto Raptors 84, Milwaukee Bucks 83

Jodie Meeks had a very strong game for Milwaukee, with 29 points on 23 shots (including 4-8 on three-pointers), as well as four rebounds.  Joe Alexander also played fairly well, with 19 points on 14 shots and eight rebounds.  Brandon Jennings' performance has steadily declined since the beginning of Summer League, and while he had seven assists yesterday it came with eight turnovers.  It was the usual suspects doing it for the Raptors.  DeMar DeRozan has gotten a lot of people talking this past week, and yesterday he had 20 points on 13 shots, six rebounds, three assists and only one turnover.  Quincy Douby had 17 points on 13 shots, seven assists and four rebounds.  That assist number is a little unusual for Douby, but perhaps it's a sign of his further development.  Patrick O'Bryant has actually had a quietly decent Summer League, and yesterday he made all five of his field goals and finished with 11 points, seven rebounds, three steals, two assists and a block, though he shot only 1-4 from the free-throw line.

Memphis Grizzlies 86, Los Angeles Clippers 68

Someone on Twitter said that Blake Griffin has been dominating Summer League, and while I wouldn't go that far he's been fairly solid.  15 rebounds and five assists yesterday, though it came with five fouls, five turnovers, and needing 20 shots to get 18 points.  Marcus Williams got to the free-throw line a lot, shooting 16-20 there, though he shot only 3-9 from the field.  He also had five assists and four rebounds, which is fine, but didn't he have a lot more assists earlier on?  Nik Caner-Medley had another decent shooting day, going 6-9 for 15 points, and he also had four rebounds.  DeMarre Carroll shot 7-9, though the rest of his game wasn't overly impressive.  Hamed Haddadi had three rebounds in a little over 10 minutes, which is solid, but he didn't do much else.  Greg Stiemsma shot 3-4 for eight points and added three blocks in 11 minutes.