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2011 NBA Draft Combine: Athletic Testing Results Proves Iman Shumpert Can Jump

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The 2011 NBA Draft Combine has come and gone, and after already taking a look at the physical measurements, the athletic tests are now also out courtesy of Draft Express. A cursory glance gives the winning nod to Iman Shumpert.

Georgia Tech's Shumpert was mentioned as one of the winners during the limited basketball drills and, apparently, he also excelled in the athletic measurements.

The Yellow Jackets' combo-guard measured out at 6-foot-5½ with shoes and a 6-foot-9½ wingspan, which is impressive in its own right considering he's being evaluated with point guard prospects, but quite a bit more impressive when factoring in his combine-high 36.5" standing vertical, 42" max-vertical, and the guard-leading 18 bench press reps he put up.

Couple those measurements with the all-around numbers as a junior he put up at Georgia Tech -- 17.3 points, 5.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists -- and it wouldn't be crazy to see his draft stock rise in the weeks leading up to the 2011 NBA Draft.

Other leaders included Derrick Williams and Justin Harper topping out at 19 bench press reps, Norris Cole being tops in the lane agility and Jereme Richmond proving he was the fastest player at the combine with 3.02 second ¾-court sprint.

The losers, if you will, probably were Kyle Singler who was able to show his lack of athelicism with just a 23-inch vertical, Jordan Williams and his Combine-worst 12.74-second lane agility finish and Jamie Skeen's Combine-slow 3.46 ¾-court sprint.