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NBA Players, And Not Quite NBA Players, Still Steadily Going To Europe

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It's Tuesday and nothing happened in the D-League on Monday. Nothing. I sent text messages to all of my sources and they either said they didn't know of anything happening, they knew nothing was happening or they ignored me because they're too big time (this in reference, mostly, to J.R. Slagendorff and his team's recruitment of one Bruce Pearl).

The blog must go on though, as they say, so today's topic of discussion will be about NBA players -- and not quite NBA players -- still steadily taking their talents to Europe.

The move that made the most waves on Monday was Nikola Vucevic, the Philadelphia 76ers first round pick, taking his talents back to Montenegro to play in the Euroleague. Vucevic wasn't the only play to sign away the first few months of the upcoming basketball season, however.

In conclusion: Yay, Spain! Boo, NBA lockout!