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Is Willie Reed The New York Knicks Next Savior?

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To answer the question in the title, Probably not, but the name Willie Reed sounds cool enough -- and close enough to Hall of Fame Knickerbocker Willis Reed -- that the New York Knicks invited him to workout for the team today along with Texas guard Cory Joseph, Northern Illinois' wing Xavier Silas and Fresno State big Greg Smithaccording to Steve Adamek's Knick Knacks blog.

It's a bit interesting that the Knicks are having Joseph, Silas and Smith for a workout today since all three are also scheduled to take part in this weekend's group workout in New Jersey, but I'm all for Willie Reed getting a chance to show his wares just in case he's able to live up to his namesake.

After a cursory look around the internet, I've found that Reed was an honorable-mention All-Atlantic 10 selection in 2009-10 and was Saint Louis University's second-leading scorer and top rebounder, averaging 12.4 points and 7.9 rebounds per game. This past season, however, he was out of basketball -- and eventually out of school -- due to a suspension after an altercation that Reed claims he took no part in.

Going away from the off-court issues and straight into the on-court issues, Draft Express's last scouting report on the 20-year-old forward wasn't too hopeful:

The athletic 6'9 sophomore looked out of place against Rhode Island's versatile frontcourt and lacked even the most basic footwork to make much of an impact offensively. On the defensive end, his lack of bulk hurt him in the post and his average awareness did him no favors elsewhere.

Factor in a year out of basketball and it's doubtful that his footwork has improved any, though seems to think quite highly of Reed. (Interesting side note: DX lists Todd Ramasar, Jerome Jordan's agent, as Reed's agent)

Either way, it's NBA Draft workout season and Reed is just the type of player that I love to learn about during this time of year. Hopefully, if Reed's unable to impress the Knicks brass with his play on the court, he at least sings My Name Is Willie to keep himself relevant.