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Basketball Fans Unite! -- A Call for Help.

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The community aspect of every SB Nation site is what makes the network so totally unique. Fan interaction is what drives these sites, and without the support of loyal readers and commenters, they can not be successful.

Scott Schroeder is doing everything he can to build up Ridiculous Upside so that it is the premier place to come for information and interaction about the NBA Draft, NBA Development League, and anything else relating to prospective NBA athletes.

But he cannot do it by himself. He needs you!

Make the jump to see what you can do to help the site.

  • As I said, site success is driven by user-generated content. So write! Share your thoughts with the RU community. Do you live in a D-League city? Are you a student at a college with potential professional players? Do you have a D-League call-up on your favorite team? Share your insights with us. The FanPost section belongs to you.
  • Utilize the FanShot selection as well. If you ever come across a story, either on another SBN site or some other source, don't be afraid to share with your fellow fans.
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends on your NBA or college sites about RU. Show them how awesome this site is and encourage them to join us. The more the merrier.
  • If you feel like you can be relied upon to provide regular, quality content, talk to Scott about becoming a writer. He's always looking more help.

So lets do this RU! If everyone does their part, I have no doubt that RU can become one of the busiest sites on SB Nation. It is in your hands now.