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2011 NBA Draft: Combine's Shooting Results Say Andrew Goudelock Is A Better Shooter Than Jimmer Fredette

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I'll be the first to tell you that the 2011 NBA Draft Combine results -- whether it be the physical measurements, the athletic tests or today's shooting results -- aren't worth much in the grand scheme of things, but at least it gives me content to write about on a Friday as Bismarck floods around me and I prepare myself to sandbag.

The shooting results from last week's NBA Draft Combine have been provided in a handy spreadsheet by the NBA and, as a bit of a surprise, Jimmer Fredette seems to have been ousted as the best shooter in the NBA Draft by Andrew Goudelock out of the College of Charleston (at least when the two were compared on a Thursday morning in Chicago, anyway).

Goudelock, a 6-foot-3 point guard who looked very good at the Portsmouth Invitiatonal Tournament, made 19-of-25 from beyond the NBA's three-point arc in the spot-up shooting drill and then hit all 21 of his 15-to-18-foot jumpers in a 35-second moving shooting drill. His 19-of-25 performance beat out Fredette, Jimmy Butler and Charles Jenkins by one make while his perfect performance in the timed shooting drill was head and shoulders above anyone else that competed.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Marcus Morris's decision to work out with the small forwards rather than the big men to differentiate himself from his brother Markieff Morris doesn't look like it helped. Morris shot just 8-of-25 from beyond the NBA arc and hit just 5-of-18 from when shooting off the dribble from the free-throw line. He made up for it in the 35-second shooting drill by going 13-of-15, but the fact that he doesn't have NBA range on his jumper isn't going to help his plight to be an NBA 3-man.

As was mentioned earlier, it probably doesn't pay to get too caught up in this one-time shooting performance, but if that's your thing, Draft Express has a detailed look at the shooting results.