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Michael Jordan No-Shows D-League Game; Fans "Catatonic"

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I just like this picture of Brandt.  No funny captions available.
I just like this picture of Brandt. No funny captions available.

"They brought out a [Michael Jordan] look alike. Wow, the crowd is furious.  Had MJ showed up, it would have been one of the greatest moments ever. Instead, the crowd is booing and throwing back free shirts. Wow, this place went from electric to catatonic faster than an MJ free throw line jumper in the Delta Center."

The above is brought to you via the twitter account of Spencer Ryan Hall, who also runs Salt City Hoops.  Hall is in attendance at tonight's Dakota Wizards-Utah Flash game, where Bryon Russell challenged Michael Jordan to a one-on-one game at halftime, with the winner receiving a $100,000 donation to the charity of his choice, courtesy of Flash owner Brandt Anderson.

Wait, what?

Brandt Andersen, the always controversial owner (putting it nicely, folks), is known for trying to do anything to sell tickets for the Flash.  And by anything, I mean anything.

The first time they caught wind of it at RU, Brandt went on a tirade against now Idaho Stampede head coach Bob MacKinnon.  Then, he sent his mascot to live on a billboard in Utah for a couple of weeks to sell some extra season tickets.  Somewhere in there, he started a big campaign to get Stephon Marbury to play for his Utah Flash.  Most recently, he's been on this whole Bryon Russell should play Michael Jordan one-on-one... Jordan disrespected the state of Utah when he called B-Russ out in his Hall of Fame induction speech.

I'll give him credit, because he obviously put a lot of time into this one, even going as far as reporting to the Daily Herald that Jordan was in town (that same article mentioned that tickets were still available.  

Still, with the negative connotation of the D-League already, I'm not sure this is the type of publicity the D-League needs.

UpdateThe Utah Valley Daily Herald has updated their story.  It made me laugh.