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Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Jordan Crawford With 23rd Pick In SB Nation's 2010 NBA Mock Draft

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The 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft is still(!) underway, with each SB Nation blogger making selections for their respective teams. Stop-N-Pop from Canis Hoopus, SB Nation's Minnesota Timberwolves blog, checks in to make the twenty-third overall selection (and THIRD for his team - James Anderson, DeMarcus Cousins the other two) in this year's mock.

With the twenty-third overall pick in the 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves will select Jordan Crawford, shooting guard, Xavier Musketeers.

SnP explains: Really? We get DMC, James Anderson, and Jordan Crawford?

I really doubt that the Wolves keep their late round picks, but if they do, keep an eye out for guys like Lance

Stephenson, Charles Garcia, or Jordan Crawford.

New Wolves Assistant GM Tony Ronzone loves to talk about tough players (both in mind and body) and both Crawford and Stephenson got this designation along with being invited back for a second workout with the team. The Wolves are clearly in the market for a big shooting guard/wing player (or two...or three) who can put the ball in the basket and Crawford fits the bill.

Ridiculous Upside reacts: Last year was the year of the point guard for the Wolves, this year it looks they're stocking up shooting guards - or just shooters in general I guess. I like this selection for the Wolves, but I don't think it's the best value. In a mock draft without trades, though, I guess this is probably what I'd do too - they certainly don't need to draft another big and the remaining wings of value are all pretty much in the Corey Brewer mold.

Also, whenever Crawford gets drafted, expect to hear about LeBron James - try not to puke.

Ridiculous Upside's Top 5 remaining prospects: 1 - Damion James, SF, Texas. 2 - Daniel Orton, C, Kentucky. 3 - Stanley Robinson, F, Connecticut. 4 - Quincy Pondexter, F, Washington. 5 - Dominique Jones, G, South Florida.

Sound off, SB Nation! What say you of the Crawford-to-Minnesota pick?

And please, remember to check out Canis Hoopus for everything you need to know about the Wolves (including a look at their community draft board).