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Memphis Grizzlies Draft Quincy Pondexter With 25th Pick In SB Nation's 2010 NBA Mock Draft

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The 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft is still(!) underway, with each SB Nation blogger making selections for their respective teams. Straight Outta Vancouver, SB Nation's Memphis Grizzlies blog, checks in to make the twenty-fifth overall selection (and second for the Grizzlies) in this year's mock.

With the twenty-fifth overall pick in the 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies will select Quincy Pondexter, forward, Washington Huskies.

djturtleface explains:No Luke Babbitt? No Paul George? Not even Damion James or James Anderson are left on the board? After drafting grabbing the sliding Ed Davis, the Grizzlies need to pick up a swingman to get Sam Young out of the rotation, but none of their top options are left at this point in the draft.

I think the Grizz turn to Quincy Pondexter then, who scouts might be criminally underrating. found that Pondexter is one of top 5 most efficient small forwards in almost every facet of the game, and Dexter proved to be especially good at both mid-range jumpers and finishing at the hoop.

You've also got to love Pondexter's growth -- the kid has improved noticeably every single year of college. Many draftees supposedly have unlimited upside, but if they don't work to improve, what good does it do? Quincy went from a raw athlete to proficient, seasoned scorer in 4 years. His free throw shooting bumped up 14%, which takes a lot of boring shots late after practice. He might not be able to shoot NBA threes off the bat, but if there's anyone I trust to work hard to learn how it's Dexter.

This deep in the draft, you're looking for hard-workers who can step in and fill an immediate need. Quincy Pondexter gives us both those and a fantastic name. What more could we expect to find at number 25?

Ridiculous Upside reacts: Ya know, I see a Euro in this spot - or them trading it, or something else - because the Grizzlies really won't have any room on the roster for this pick. Regardless, Pondexter is a guy that stole my heart late in the season so we'll let it slide.

Ridiculous Upside's Top 5 remaining prospects: 1 - Daniel Orton, C, Kentucky. 2 - Stanley Robinson, F, Connecticut. 3 - Dominique Jones, G, South Florida. 4 - Elliot Williams, G, Memphis. 5 - Gani Lawal, PF, Georgia Tech.

Sound off, SB Nation! What say you of the Pondexter-to-Memphis pick?

And please, remember to check out Straight Outta Vancouver for everything you need to know about the Grizzlies (including an explanation on the Grizzlies-Timberwolves almost trade).