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Orlando Summer League Day 4 Preview

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I wouldn't call this the "downslope" of Orlando Summer League necessarily; there are still two days' worth of games and a lot of players vying for roster spots or training camp invites.  That said, I can't imagine that NBA players like James Harden or Jrue Holiday will still get a lot of playing time, because their respective teams certainly want to prevent injury.  For free-agents pulling Summer League double-duty, well, they need to get to Vegas sometime, and for some that time is already here.

As I said, though, that isn't necessarily bad news; some different players will get more run, more talent will be evaluated, we'll learn more about who's there.  The majority (if not all) of these games will be shown on NBA TV, and those that don't have access to NBA TV can watch all of the Summer League games online for $14.95 either live or on demand.

The "what to watch for" notes are after the jump (all times are Eastern).

1 p.m. - Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Orlando Magic

Thunder Free Agent to Watch: Marcus Lewis




This one's for you, Scott.  Lewis hasn't really played much, and hasn't made much of an impact when he has, but the Thunder really only have one or two free agents on their roster so I had ti pick one of them.  Lewis has a lot of work to do before he makes the NBA, but he has a decent shot and pretty good footwork, can rebound and knows the system from playing with Tulsa last year.  Lewis could get more playing time if the Thunder decide to sit Byron Mullens or D.J. White.

Magic Free Agent to Watch: Donell Taylor

Taylor had some pretty solid games before sitting yesterday, and I don't believe he's on a Vegas roster so he should still be around.  Taylor has some NBA experience with the Washington Wizards and is a solid perimeter defender.  He's not strictly a point guard, but can handle the ball in a pinch if needed and filled up multiple areas of the box score in the D-League last season.

3 p.m. - Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics

Pacers Free Agent to Watch: Marcus Williams

If you've been reading this site for any length of time, you'll know that this is a pretty predictable move for me.  Williams is best suited to play either small forward or point guard, so of course the Pacers have him playing shooting guard.  Predictably, he hasn't played particularly well.  Still, I'd expect some of Indiana's roster players to start getting prepped for training camp and more rest, so there's a possibility Williams could step in where he's more comfortable.

Celtics Free Agent to Watch: Tony Gaffney

Gaffney is technically on the Celtics' roster at the moment, though his contract is unguaranteed so he's essentially fighting for his spot.  So far Gaffney has shown his athleticism, but not a whole lot else.  He's been called a versatile defender, though I haven't seen a ton of that so far, nor has he rebounded much.  I'll be watching to see if Gaffney can step up and make Boston keep him around.

5 p.m. - Utah Jazz vs. New Jersey Nets

Jazz Free Agent to Watch: Rod Benson

I mentioned Utah's crowded frontcourt yesterday, and one result is that we haven't really seen Boom Tho Smash yet.  He's also playing for the Clippers' team in Vegas, so perhaps we'll see it there, but he should be getting more chances to show off here.  That might happen if the Jazz decide they want to keep Kosta Koufos healthy and start sitting him.

Nets Free Agent to Watch: Garrett Siler

Siler wreaked havoc in last year's Summer League, and now can't seem to get off the bench.  Part of the problem is his propensity for fouling, but he was quietly effective yesterday, shooting 3-3 for eight total points in nine minutes.  Down with Zoubek, up with Siler!

7 p.m. - Philadelphia 76ers vs. Charlotte Bobcats

76ers Free Agent to Watch: Trent Plaisted

Plaisted has had his playing time gradually reduced over the first three games, but he's been providing moments of effectiveness throughout.  His rebounding has picked up as he's gotten less floor time, and he'll need to keep that up if he wants to keep an NBA team's interest.

Bobcats Free Agent to Watch: Alade Aminu

I almost made Aminu an honorable mention in the day 3 review, because he did a pretty good job setting screens and cutting to the basket, and was pretty effective in limited minutes.  Aminu exudes athleticism, though he has less upside than his recently-drafted brother, and the right situation could harness that ability and channel it into an effective big man.