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The Utah Jazz Are Still Preparing For An NBA Summer League Via NBA Draft Workouts

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The NBA's annual Summer League in Vegas is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. So I was quite disappointed when news broke that it's a severe longshot that I have a reason to leave North Dakota for two weeks to watch basketball this July. Fortunately, Vegas Summer League founder Warren Legarie hasn't given up hope and neither have the Utah Jazz.

The Jazz hosted a pretty random pre-draft workout earlier in the week, featuring exactly zero players projected to be selected in the 2011 NBA mock drafts, and it confused more than a few people who wondered what the point of it all was: Why pay to bring four players to the team's facility when there's a 95 percent chance the Jazz have zero intention of actually picking them?

Walt Perrin, vice president of player personnel for the Jazz, gave the answer on Tuesday when talking to the Deseret News' Jody Genessy.

"One is bringing in draft guys in our range," he said. "Two is bringing in draft guys in a range where we may be able to move a pick and get a pick. And three is (to) look at guys for summer league and that's what we're doing."

It's uncertain whether summer leagues remain a possibility with the lockout threat.

"But," Perrin added, "I've got to be prepared to have one."

I'm looking forward to the day I'm able to watch John Stockton's NAIA offspring run Tyrone Corbin's offense exactly as God has always intended.