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Kareem Rush To Make An NBA Comeback Through The Development League

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The NBA Development League has found more than its fair share of players looking for an NBA comeback this season as everyone from Greg Ostertag to Ricky Davis to Rafer Alston to Jerome James have decided playing in the D-League would give them the best chance to make it back to the big leagues.

The newest player to decide to give the D-League a shot, Kareem Rush, is another name people should recognize. The 31-year-old shooter was given solid role player minutes with the Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Bobcats and Indiana Pacers in between an otherwise injury-riddled career that seemingly ended when he tore his ACL in 2009.

It looked like that would probably be it for Rush's basketball career as he ventured into R&B singing, even getting National Anthem honors at a recent Lakers-Pacers game, but the older brother of Brandon Rush announced on Twitter Thursday night that he plans to enter the D-League.

It'll be interesting to see what Rush still has as he has been out of basketball for quite awhile now, but considering he was only known for his shooting during his career, any loss of athleticism due to the ACL tear probably won't be as pronounced considering that was never his forte anyway.

Once Rush officially signs with the D-League, by the way, he'll be the second player with a music video to my knowledge (Alando Tucker was the first) ... and that seems pretty important, right?