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Gerald Green And Bobby Simmons Are Headed Back To The NBA

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The NBA converged on Orlando this past weekend to celebrate the midway point of the season with All-Star weekend. The D-League once again impressed with its dunk competition, but the NBA was also impressed with a few of the other players that have been honing their skills this season in the Development League.

Gerald Green and Bobby Simmons reportedly both received good news during their extended break as the former NBA players are now headed back to the league they played in several seasons ago. Green will sign with the New Jersey Nets while Bobby Simmons is expected to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, Ridiculous Upside has confirmed (Sam Amico and Marc Stein, respectively, were first to report the call-ups).

Simmons is a bit of a surprising move, but the veteran wing has some of the best hands in the D-League and obviously is a smart player capable of playing in the NBA. Green, on the other hand, is a player I've been touting for quite awhile -- check the video below for a reference to his Ridiculous Upside.

Good for both players ... hopefully they stick.