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VIDEO: D-League Dunk Contest Highlights Are Pretty Spectacular

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The NBA Development League was never really center stage during the All-Star festivities in Orlando this weekend, but there was a time on Saturday afternoon when everyone should have had their televisions tuned to NBATV. Your's truly wrote over the weekend that the D-League Dunk Contest is essentially the only reason to watch the D-League All-Star game and, thankfully, the highlight video doesn't disappoint.

L.D. Williams won the dunk contest with a honey-dipping tomahawk on the assist from Springfield Armor teammate Jerry Smith, but none of his dunks were disappointing. Zach Andrews unfortunately wasn't able to pull off the Grandmama dunk he planned, but he ended up being pretty exciting anyway. Chris Roberts showed how athletic he is and Osiris Eldridge ... well, he dunked.

In case my creative writing classes in college didn't help me write flowery enough for everyone to be excited about the dunk contest based on the previous paragraph, video highlights are embedded below.

And, for good measure, here are the highlights from the D-League All-Star game:

To round everything up, Texas Legends guard Booker Woodfox outshot Blake Ahearn to repeat as the D-League's three-point shooting champion. Yay D-League!