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*Sniffle* World Mourns as Derrick Byars is Cut by Bulls *Sniffle*

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Derrick Byars, loved by many, known by few, was cut by the Chicago Bulls today.

Yes, the Bakersfield Jam already sent out a press release that stated he and Patrick O'Bryant, proud alumni of the Jam, had already secured spots on NBA teams for the 2009-10 NBA season.

Yes, some dude named Mark Deeks said Byars is pretty good and that Byars should make the Bulls.

Yes, he was cut even though the same team employs Lindsay Hunter and Jerome James.

Tomorrow, my friends, we shall cheer against the Bulls and for the Spurs.

Wait, they cut Marcus Williams.

I can't wait until the D-League season, when these guys will get the playing time they deserve.

And, hopefully, by then the tears will be gone and paragraphs will include multiple sentences.