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Lou Williams Is A Proud NBA D-League Supporter

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There typically isn't a ton of positive comments regarding the D-League coming from established NBA players so when Lou Williams of the Philadelphia 76ersregarded by some as a legitimate NBA MVP candidate, talked about the D-League I decided I had to make sure and get it the publicity it deserved here on Ridiculous Upside.

Despite my fellow colleague, the esteemed Michael Levin, creating The Louis Williams Hate Advisory Index, Williams should not be hated -- ever -- after talking to Larry Brown Sports about his positive experience in the D-League.

But first, a refresher course just in case you don't remember Williams' time in the D-League. Williams played in three games during the 2006-07 for the Fort Worth Flyers, averaging 26.0 points, 8.0 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 3.7 turnovers. In Williams' final D-League game, he scored 35 points and turned the ball over eight times before fouling out in 38 minutes.

LBS: I know early in your career you spent a little of your time in the D-League, kind of tore it up and came back. Do you think it's somewhat underutilized by teams?

Lou: I think it's good for guys who have a bunch of talent but aren't getting much playing time to go and get their confidence. I played three games in the D-League my second year, and it was able to get me kick-started for my career. I haven't looked back since. I think it's a great thing for young guys in the league who are trying to find their swag.

LBS: I know some people feel embarrassed, do you think there's a little bit of that feeling?

Lou: Actually, I asked the team to allow me to go down and play. I was in my second year and wasn't getting a lot of minutes behind A.I., so I was in a situation where I wanted to compete and play. They found a crease in the schedule where I could go down and play for three home games, so I don't think it's embarrassing at all.

See, guys, it's not embarrassing to play in the D-League!