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A New Direction

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I can only hope this sums up our mutual feelings for each other.  I guess I'm a mixture of everyone in this situation - except the lip synchronization AND with less cheesy crying (the tears from me are real, people).

Awhile back I promised I was going to focus on the NBA Draft and Summer League's exclusively - save for any breaking D-League news.  Well, I didn't.  Mostly because keeping up with the D-League has been the most interesting part of my life since February 2nd, the day my beloved Minot Skyrockets folded (I know - I live a sweet life!).  Since then, I've made some great contacts (too numerous to mention), and great friends, while providing the deepest (read: only) inside look at the D-League on the internet - except I wasn't actually in the D-League... Until now.

I'm switching over to draft and summer league coverage now because... I started a new job yesterday with the D-League's Dakota Wizards.

Working for a team in the league I'm covering will have it's issues, which is why I'm going to take a bit of time to refocus and figure out what I can still blog about.  Will Dan Reed or Jo Shapiro call me at my office number to yell at me for breaking the news that Jasper Johnson just broke Kevin Lyde's record for highest BMI ever in the D-League - 46 (probably not true)?  Will my owners get mad if I slip in a "Mike Sanders deserved a head coaching job" post after all of the D-League positions are filled?  Will I have to deal with Blake Ahearn going off on me in person when I don't have him at the top of my call-up lists?  Is TorosGirl going to start commenting on everything I write and tell me I'm playing favorites because I work for the Wizards and not her beloved Toros?  Will referee Kevin Cutler seek me out before the game and chokeslam me backstage while I'm finding out how many will call tickets he needs because I mention a new officials Ed Hochuli-esque biceps and shining forehead instead of his?

I don't know, but I'm not counting any of those scenarios out.

Thus, I'm taking some time off from exclusive D-League blogging.  I may not be done forever, but will not write much about the D-League for awhile - at least until I can figure out how to safely intertwine this blog with that of a real live job (with a real, but not live, paycheck).  I do want to keep this going however, as I feel it's a great asset for the D-League and something I believe many of those around the league appreciate, if not the D-League itself.

Therefore, if any of my readers are aspiring D-League followers, get at me - RidiculousScott (at) Gmail (dot) com.  You wouldn't have to take over (I ain't leaving), but if you'd like to blog about your team, get a credential to the home games, feel as big time as I do and get all of the other D-League blogging benefits (they're plentiful), let me know.  If no one is interested?  A new (milder) me will be back I'm sure - if you'll all accept me.