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Atlanta Hawks Draft Damion James With 24th Pick In SB Nation's 2010 NBA Mock Draft

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The 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft is still(!) underway, with each SB Nation blogger making selections for their respective teams. THHB and Kris Willis from Peachtree Hoops, SB Nation's Atlanta Hawks blog, checks in to make the twenty-fourth overall selection in this year's mock.

With the twenty-fourth overall pick in the 2010 SB Nation NBA Mock Draft, the Atlanta Hawks will select Damion James, forward, Texas Longhorns.

Peachtree Hoops explains: It doesn't register on the Wow-O-Meter, but the Peachtree Hoops philosophy is to grab the best player available. We were hopeful that a few bigs would fall further (Whiteside, in particular) and we did look long at the Wildcat project, Daniel Orton, but went with the best player we felt was left on the board as well as a guy that can help the Hawks immediately in Damion James.

James brings more NBA ready game to the Hawks than the players left, is able to score inside and out which, presumably, makes him a good fit in Larry Drew's new offense. He's likely a better fit behind Marvin Williams at the 3 than Maurice Evans, but may be duplicating things should Josh Childress decide to play out his qualifier. In any case, James is the best player left on the board, and we're happy to add him to our playoff rotation.

It's not a huge upside pick like Orton might have been, but a safe bet. Spread the word! Feel the safeness!

Ridiculous Upside reacts: There are a few things I love about this pick - Damion James and "feel the safeness" - though not necessarily in that order.

It was interesting to me that they mentioned they were hoping for a big man to fall, while I was always under the impression they could use a project point guard - either way, neither was available so I'll be an advocate for best player available.

Ridiculous Upside's Top 5 remaining prospects: 1 - Daniel Orton, C, Kentucky. 2 - Stanley Robinson, F, Connecticut. 3 - Quincy Pondexter, F, Washington. 4 - Dominique Jones, G, South Florida. 5 - Elliot Williams, G, Memphis.

Sound off, SB Nation! What say you of the James-to-Atlanta pick?

And please, remember to check out Peachtree Hoops for everything you need to know about the Hawks (including an update on the Josh Childress situation).