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Edgar Sosa Signs In Italy With Angelico Biella

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Rookie point guard Edgar Sosa, a four-year starter at the University of Louisville, has signed in Italy with Angelico Biella according to Yahoo Sports Italia.

Sosa most recently played for the Detroit Pistons' Summer League entry in Vegas where he averaged 6.5 points and 2.8 assists while shooting 40% from the field in 17 minutes of action.

While those numbers more than likely aren't going to impress you at first sight, he was able to impress the Pistons' brass.

"His ability to push the ball and find guys in transition was great," Pistons Summer League coach Pat Sullivan told the Detroit Free Press. "He's played point guard probably since he was 4, 5, 6 years old. Whenever he picked up a ball, he's been a point guard, and he's a typical New York City point guard, too.  He's pass first, pass second, which is what I love to coach."

Sullivan didn't say anything that I didn't see down in Vegas, but the telling part of that quote is "in transition."  While Sosa is great in the open court, he still seems to have issues in half court sets, specifically when it comes to decision making out of the pick and roll.  

Though he was effectively able to use the screen to get to the basket and finish (which sometimes had to be done a bit creatively due to his small stature), he didn't look comfortable in executing when he wasn't able to get to the basket - either settling for a jump shot with a hand in his face or forcing a pass into a crowd of players.

I could see Sosa eventually making the NBA if he's better able to control a halfcourt offense (and maybe shoring up his defense), but as of now it was probably a good decision for Sosa to go overseas and improve in running an offense as opposed to being the main offensive option as he was at Louisville.

Former Utah Jazz draft pick Goran Suton also signed with the team.