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NBA Draft 2011: Rumors, Pre-Draft Workouts And News For The Last Day Of May

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The 2011 NBA Draft is inching closer and closer, and even though there isn't much new out there in terms of news and rumors, I'll pass on what Google was able to find this morning.

First and foremost, SB Nation's Tom Ziller has an interesting look at the NBA's age limit. I'm of the opinion that upping the age limit to two years out of high school wouldn't be a bad thing -- and actually probably help the NBA D-League in terms of relevancy -- but would probably prefer the MLB's rules when all is said and done: either allow players to come out directly from high school or make them complete at least three years of college before being allowed to enter the NBA Draft.

The Utah Jazz will have, as some brilliant writer noted, the most Utah Jazz pre-draft workout ever.

In other workout news, the Indiana Pacers are holding pre-draft workouts today which will feature a slew of interesting players including Jeremy Tyler, BYU's Jimmer Fredette, Tennessee's Tobias Harris, Florida's Vernon Macklin, Kansas's Marcus Morris and Duke's Nolan Smith. The New York Knicks will host Morehead State's Demonte Harper, Boston U's John Holland, Rick Jackson of Syracuse, UCLA's Malcolm Lee, South Carolina's Sam Muldrow and UTEP's Julyan Stone according to their Twitter account.

And last, but not least, the Golden State Warriors are also hosting a workout of their own including Texas swingman Jordan Hamilton and forward Gary Johnson, Seton Hall guard Jeremy Hazell, Florida State's Chris Singleton, Mychel Thompson of Pepperdine and Dayton's Chris Wright.

Bullets that aren't necessarily related to the NBA Draft are included after the jump.