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2011 NBA Draft Rumors Featuring Jimmer, Klay Thompson, Alec Burks And Trades

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The Jimmer is probably not the next Steve Kerr and, judging by this picture, Kerr knows that.
The Jimmer is probably not the next Steve Kerr and, judging by this picture, Kerr knows that.

We are just a few days away from the 2011 NBA Draft so everyone better be excited for all of the last minute trade rumors, smokescreens and everything else that comes along with this time of the year. People will also be excited about Jimmer Fredette, too, but I'll do my best to mention only the most important Jimmer news in this beautiful section of the internet.

For instance, were my readers aware that Fredette is one of the 15 players that were invited by the NBA to sit in a room full of green on June 23? ESPN's Chad Ford reported over the weekend that Fredette was extended an invite to be ogled by the cameras while hoping to be drafted early and that Bismack Biyombo will have to watch from the stands.

Now that the Jimmer news is out of the way, former FanHouse colleague Sam Amick dropped some interesting tidbits in his latest Sports Illustrated column regarding Klay Thompson, Alec Burks and the Cleveland Cavaliers doing their best Lady Gaga impression.

Thompson, the son of former NBA player Mychal Thompson, made headlines when he was arrested for marijuana possession back in March and was eventually suspended for Washington State's regular season finale.

The sharpshooter told Amick that he quit smoking, though, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about in the future.

"I wouldn't risk the draft or my draft status for something like that, and I put that stuff behind me. That's something I've moved on from," Thompson told Amick. "I could be drug tested at the next level, that's fine with me. I'm sure I will be. I won't risk doing that ever again just because I want to fulfill my potential ... I haven't been (smoking), and that's just me being honest."

Amick wasn't done getting the good stuff, however, as he also was able to get Burks -- the former Colorado scorer -- to admit he didn't really try on defense all the time in college (Don't worry, though, because he is now).

"At Colorado I had some moments where I took off plays, where I didn't play D like I should, but I'm showing people I can play D," Burks told Amick. "Being young, being athletic, I felt like I could just make (the defense) up with my athleticism. But (teams) watch film. They could see it ... I was showing (teams) that I can be more consistent on the defensive end."

In non-Amick reporting, the Minnesota Timberwolves have been involved in a couple of random NBA trade rumors that I've succinctly written up for SB Nation Minnesota. Andrew Bogut and the No. 10 pick is probably worth Derrick Williams if Bogut's healthy, methinks.

If anyone is interested in trying to dissect the Portland Trail Blazers and how they handle the NBA Draft, this is a must-read.

Last, but not least, our very own Omaha Sun looked at how Tristan Thompson fits in with the Phoenix Suns over at Bright Side of the Sun.