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Cleveland Cavaliers D-League Team Gets A General Manager; Still Needs A Name

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The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to buy D-League team last week. Without any NBA news happening due to the lockout, their new team in Canton will seemingly be the team's focus for the time being.

The first move was making Wes Wilcox, current Director of Player Personnel for the Cavs, the Canton team's general manager as well. This isn't surprising as I suggested it before the purchase was even made official, but is a good start for the franchise.

"Having Wes in this role is another reflection of the synergy and connectivity that owning and operating our own D-League team in Canton provides," Cavs GM Chris Grant said in a press release. "As Wes has been an integral member of our staff for the past eight years, it enhances the opportunity for us to extend our team and organizational culture further into the player development process. Wes has been intricately involved in the D League evolution over the last several years and the Canton franchise has already and will continue to, greatly benefit from his knowledge and experience."

Now that the team has a general manager in place, the team will next need to hire a new head coach -- and, more excitingly, pick a team name.

If anyone has any good ideas for Canton's team name, please submit them here as the current suggestions are underwhelming at best.