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D-League Showcase Day 2: What I'm Watching

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The second of four days is underway at the 2012 NBA Development League Showcase in lovely Reno, Nev., and your's truly is in a decent mood after making it back to even at the blackjack tables on Monday night. My day got better when I woke up and realized I'd get to watch Donyell Marshall coaching Ricky Davis to start my morning.

At halftime of the first game of the day, the Maine Red Claws lead the Sioux Falls Skyforce 54-50 at halftime. Davis looked as good as he's looked thus far in the D-League with nine points, two rebounds and two assists while getting the start, but nobody was overly impressive in the first 24 minutes of Tuesday's action.

The Red Claws and Skyforce have identical 5-12 records thus far this season and, unfortunately, the talent on the floor reflects that. Charles Garcia is always going to be an intriguing dude and likely the top prospect on the floor, but until he clears up a couple of his flaws, that's going to be the extent of it.

Other players to watch for during Tuesday's first game include NBA camp invites Jerome Randle, Xavier Silas, Kenny Hayes, Gabe Pruitt and Casey Mitchell along with Anthony Mason Jr. and Paul Harris. At this point, though, it doesn't seem like anyone from Tuesday's first game is quite ready for a look at the NBA.

If my internet cooperates today, by the way, this will hopefully serve as a bit of a live blog.

[Note by Scott Schroeder, 01/10/12 2:11 PM CST ]

The match-up between the Sioux Falls Skyforce and Maine Red Claws ended up being a good game, but the top two players in the box score didn't look quite as impressive as they seemed to be on paper.

Charles Garcia put up pretty impressive numbers with 19 points and 13 rebounds, but his defense is lacking and his turnovers were costly ... and of the mental variety. Xavier Silas played well for the Maine Red Claws, but the Philalephia 76ers camp invite will need to prove Tuesday's game wasn't a fluke going forward.

For now, I'm going to go grab some lunch while hoping the dude below is added to the Texas Legends' roster in time for Greg Ostertag's debut in Reno later this afternoon!